Cheryl Wilson,  Abstract Artist             

"creating a painting is more than just a painting, it is a statement...  a statement about YOU"        
 ~    Cheryl Wilson

Cheryl Wilson, Intentional ArtistR
Abstract Art Courses 

Are you looking to reach your fullest artistic potential but you just do not know where to start?

In  these abstract painting lessons I will provide you with an  enthusiastic introduction to painting art to more advanced lessons using original techniques that encourage your personal artistic voice and creativity.  You will learn how to paint specific styles and techniques, all about incredible medians, how to use brushes, palette knives, charcoal, acrylics, inks and so much more to create your own art pieces.   Follow my lead using whichever tools you have on hand or use the provided supply list. I hope this will be a fun experience and we get to know each other!!

On-Line Abstract Courses
In Person Abstract Classes and Workshops
Abstract Art Mentoring


  • Do you get stuck in the middle of your paintings and wonder who to do to move forward?
  • Are you still searching for your creative style?
  • Are you searching for techniques, tools and tips to take you from that black canvas to a painting you love?
  • Do you struggle with your inner critic?
  • Are you froze to take risks?

Cheryl has:

Had Paintings  Featured on HGTV's Bargain Mansion and Magnolia Network

Sold Art Internationally through International Art Galleries

Received Awards and Been Featured Artist on Online Galleries

Taught Group and Individual classes

Mentored other Artists in her mentoring/coaching sessions

Worked with the Military PTSD Arts Program

Artworks  in Hotel Residencies outside of Buckingham Palace, homes on Park Avenue, New York, and as commission pieces for designers, interior decorators

about the instructor, Cheryl

I paint intuitively by embracing spontaneity to  allow passionate paintings to be born through a transforming layering  process of acrylics and inks. Each layer informs the next story of  paint.  In addition to layers often you will find sand, coffee, glass  beads or perhaps even a gum wrapper invoking the question of what story  is being revealed.

I paint what I feel, how I feel, and each  found object in my art continues that story.  It is my hope that you  find a connection to my work and might, if only for a moment, become  captivated and feel something within yourself.
I just wanted you to know a little bit about me up front.
I started my professional art journey later in life.  But, since the day I picked up a paint brush, it was so addictive.  I have since sold paintings all over the world.

I I learned my “why” behind my desire to paint and learned how that why had such an impact on my personal unique strokes, styles and uniqueness.  

The life-changing  event that turned the corporate pen into a paintbrush was the dark world  of Alzheimer’s that struck her mother.   "I could not wait any longer  to paint in the event that world captured me as well.  Leaving the  boardroom behind, giving up the black high heels was easy when what  emerged is a new language expressed on canvas.  This language expresses  the freedom and unbound passion to create and let my art direct itself  without fear or influences that has previously stifled my intuitive  style."  

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