Art Mentor Program

Three (3) 45 minute mentoring sessions with Cheryl Wilson $375
Contact Cheryl at: for initial questionnaire. 

  • Are you ready to go deeper with your art practice?
  • Do you want to explore how to get to your "personal style"
  • Do you want to learn more about mark making that makes your work "your work"
  • Are you wanting to explore what inspires you, motives you and it fits into your personal journey

One on One Discussions

Have you hit a wall with a piece and not sure what it needs or how to  finish it up? Get vital guidance on how to know when a painting is finished. Targeted art prompts, journaling
exercises, and studies push you to deepen your practice.


Do you want feedback on a your paintings?  A fresh set of eyes and in depth discussions will help you focus on where you were going and how to set on target.

My Art Journey

Do you need help in creating a plan on where to go next?  Ongoing mentoring is the perfect way to get clarity on your goals, to  understand the "why" behind your work, & to stay focused.

Cheryl  focuses on what you need & quickly
gets you moving forward.

During Zoom meetings, together you will explore:

  • Your current work in progress
  • Talk about taking risks and techniques to getting loose
  • Talk about the Inner Critic and any Creative Block
  • Goal Setting

  Are you ready to make big changes 
with your art practice?

Start your mentoring journey today!

Expand your personal art journey:

  • Talk about composition of art and design.
  • Get individualized study challenges to expand your practice.
  • Talk about how the masters might influence your style
  • Focus on where you want to go next

Why mentoring?

Working closely with a mentor allows you to ask questions you might now feel comfortable in a class.  

Your art journey accelerates your growth and helps you avoid pitfalls and obstacles so you can reach your journey goals

She understands the daily challenges you face in  the studio and gives you strategies to easily overcome them.

Talk about the importance of Social Media, review your website and talk about how you want to market yourself

Now  is the perfect time to make a commitment to achieving your creative  goals. Working with a mentor helps you develop a clear plan with focused  goals and accountability while getting the necessary support,  encouragement, and feedback to keep you going.

Start your mentoring journey today!